Just Slider


To make the slider work tms-0.4.x.js file is used

The HTML Slider Structure:

<div id="slider">
	<div class="slider">
		<ul class="items">
				<img src="YourImage.jpg" alt=""/> 
				<div class="banner">banner content</div> 
	<a href="#" class="btn prev button1"><span></span></a> 
	<a href="#" class="play btn"><em>stop</em><span>play</span></a> 
	<a href="#" class="btn next button2"><span></span></a>

You can add more images to the slider adding <li> tag to the <ul class="items"> list:

<li><img src="YourImage.jpg" alt=""/> <div class="banner">banner content</div> </li>

You only need to change the src attribute value and define correct path to your image file. Image captions can be added to the <div class="banner"> block.

Pagination is automatic and depends on the images amount.

You'll get more info on working with Just slider in the template manual after purchase. Manual is located in the "documentation" folder of the template package.